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Long Established Food Retailer

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Long Established Food Retailer

Our client, a family business, was based in North England and at the time of investment comprised 83 food retail shops, a significant production facility and an associated transport operation.

The company was loss-making and in distress such that initially it was believed that administration and closure might be the only option.  ReSolve reviewed the situation at very short notice and believed that by investing in the business and concentrating efforts on its most successful elements, the long-established company could survive.

An extended period of restructuring took place, at times challenging with every part of the business being examined. Production and transportation were outsourced and unprofitable retail stores closed.


Over a period of five years ReSolve persisted with its investment, making additional monies available when required to keep the core business alive. As a result the business remained viable and has recently been awarded a contract to supply local government departments with catering services.

ReSolve exited this investment leaving the company in the hands of another businessman with plans for further growth.

‘At times the battle to keep the company alive seemed overwhelming but we were delighted to have finally been able to deliver a positive outcome. ReSolve’s priority is always to keep businesses alive whenever possible. We invested not only cash but also significant time and energy to deliver a viable solution for stakeholders.’

Mark Supperstone, Managing Partner, ReSolve

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