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Our client, an established publisher, had been trading successfully for many decades. 

However, due to the growth in electronic reading devices and the general move away from hardcopy, it experienced ongoing downward pressure on sales volumes.  ReSolve was approached when the business required urgent funding and expertise in implementing a turnaround plan to counter this trend and restore profitability.

On the invitation of mangement, ReSolve funded the purchase of the business’s assets following a liquidation of the previous corporate entity. Over the following months ReSolve worked with the business to successfully turn it around.

The business was subsequently sold back to an existing Director.

‘Our client operated in an industry which had been significantly impacted by the move away from hardcopy books. Whilst the business had its challenges we believed there was still a market for the traditional ‘book’ and we are pleased to have been able to acquire the assets and help to secure its future. ’

Mark Supperstone, Managing Partner, ReSolve

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