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ReSolve Cyber

We identified an executive with unique experience operating in the cyber security industry and approached him to help us create a start-up company to take advantage of the huge anticipated growth in demand for cyber security services.

ReSolve was pleased to back this executive, an individual with a strong reputation in the marketplace and extensive experience gained working in cyber security for over a decade.  The ReSolve Cyber business was formed in 2017, and now serves as a unique provider of bespoke cyber services offering solutions to a range of large organisations including the Scottish Professional Football League, Avery Products, CNA Hardy and Dowgate Capital.

For more information about ReSolve Cyber please visit its website.

‘ReSolve is able to provide advice and guidance, and financial backing, to those at the beginning of their business journey. We are always pleased to support an entrepreneur who has identified a gap in the market. We are proud of the success of ReSolve Cyber and are pleased to be able to offer our clients an ever-broader range of services where they face difficult situations.’

Cameron Gunn, Senior Partner, ReSolve

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